Template letter – stop the Powergrab Plot

Dear [your MP’s name]

From Tuesday 14th November, the House of Commons will be debating amendments to the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill. As your constituent, I am writing to you to express my deep concern about the content and potential implications of the Bill as it stands. In particular, the current draft of the Bill is a threat to:

  • Workers’ rights in particular the rights of agency workers, protections for working time, and enforcement of the prohibition on discrimination.
  • The environment in particular ensuring that environmental protections are effective, and polluters bear the cost of pollution, water safety, and air quality.
  • Human rights particularly prohibitions on the torture trade and protections for privacy.
  • Consumer protection particularly the regulation of dangerous chemicals and food safety.
  • Financial regulation particularly in the event that Brexit negotiators are unable to secure the concessions required to maintain the City of London’s access to the EU.

There are many hundreds of amendments tabled from all sides of the House, and it will not be clear which amendments will be selected for debate and exactly when they will be debated until the day itself. I am therefore asking you to vote for amendments which:

  • Safeguard our human rights, including retaining the Charter of Fundamental Rights
  • Guarantee that the government will not use additional powers to take away workers’ rights, environmental protections, migrants rights and consumer protections currently contained in EU legislation.
  • Ensure that delegated powers are subject to clear and effective lines of accountability
  • Prevent an unprecedented transfer of powers from Parliament to the Executive
  • Ensure that Henry VIII powers are either removed or subject to a super-affirmative procedure
  • Guarantee a fair settlement and transfer of powers for devolved administrations in Cardiff and Edinburgh
  • Guarantee that the Brexit process will not end peace in Northern Ireland

For more information, this briefing may be helpful.

Kind regards,

[your name]

[your postal address within the constituency]