The Establishment and Brexit: what you need to know

We’ve voted to leave the EU. But who is really going to benefit from Brexit?

25th January 2018

We’ve voted to leave the EU. But who is really going to benefit from Brexit?

And what should we do now?

Today, Another Europe is Possible is launching a new campaign. We are going to expose the Establishment agenda behind Brexit, and make the case that the British people should be able to determine their own destiny with a vote on the final deal.

Luke Cooper, Convenor of Another Europe is Possible, said:

“The case for a fresh referendum is overwhelming, with neither the government nor the deal likely to command popular support. But until now the case has largely been made by establishment politicians. We are going to break open that debate – by fighting against Brexit from an explicitly radical, progressive perspective. Brexit is a betrayal of the people by the elites, and we’re going to expose that.”


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