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The Path to Rejoin – what should our strategy be?

INVITE: all members and supporters welcome for a lively discussion of our future strategy

Photo credit: Jess Hurd

Most indicators predict a Labour government in 2025. As the economic crisis worsens and the consequences of Brexit unfold, public opinion is shifting towards a closer relationship with the EU. What long-term strategy should the left and progressive remain movement take to push for rejoin? 

Join former MEP Richard Corbett in discussion with Laura Parker at our  public meeting on Monday 5 June at 6.30pm London time to talk tactics and strategic planning.

How can we influence major left and progressive parties to support Rejoin? How do we build the movement? How can we do so while maintaining radical and progressive narratives on migrants and workers rights, environmental protections and social welfare? Join us on 5 June to discuss!

Event will be recorded and available to watch on our YouTube channel, so why not subscribe today!

26th May 2023