We demand a vote on our future

Support the People's Vote

Since the referendum, Another Europe is Possible has been demanding a referendum on the terms of Britain’s exit from the European Union – with an option to Remain if voters don’t want to accept them.

It’s simple: we respect the result of the 2016 vote – but that referendum gave a contradictory outcome. If the British people no longer wish to proceed with Brexit, they must have a right to pull back from the brink. In democracies, we have the right to change our mind.

This week, a large coalition of mainstream backers – from Patrick Stewart to Caroline Lucas, and high profile figures from across the main three parties – came together to back a “People’s Vote”. This is a massive deal because the People’s Deal is, in terms of process, exactly what we have been calling for.

Another Europe has a different perspective to Remainer Tories and others on the right of politics. Our rallying cries are internationalism, solidarity, democracy, social and economic justice, free movement, workers’ rights, environmental protections and human rights.

But this news is big – because it means that the parliamentary arithmetic for a referendum on the terms of the deal could well be there. In October, Theresa May will put her deal to a vote in parliament. If it falls, the case for a fresh popular vote ought to be overwhelming.

We will be launching a major new initiative in the next week, aimed at rebuilding our grassroots and tipping the balance of public opinion. In the meantime:

  1. Share this blogpost on social media
  2. Write to your MP and urge them to vote against a deal. If they are in Labour, remind them of Labour’s six tests for Brexit – which simply won’t be met by May’s deal
  3. If you’ve got a few spare quid, make a regular donation to help us campaign in the coming months.

17th April 2018