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Confronting Islamophobia

Researching anti-Muslim hatred in the UK, France & Germany.

Another Europe Is Possible has partnered with the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung to launch a research project on the mainstreaming of Islamophobia in Europe. Across the continent, politicians from the left, centre and far right have increasingly used the scapegoating of Muslims as a key element in their electoral campaigns. 

Europe’s Muslim population lives with this dehumanisation on daily basis. It also stirs up anti-migrant sentiment. Anti-Muslim racism, directed towards Turkey and Albania in particular, was a key theme of the Brexit campaign. From Macron’s ‘Islamist seperatism’ bill to Boris Johnson’s deragotary comments about Muslim womens’ dress, mainstream discourse has become steeped with anti-Muslim sentiment. This has consequences for Europe’s Muslim population, who experience high levels of discrimination in employment and education as well as rising hate crime. 

This collaboration will produce two reports in its initial year. The first focuses on Islamophobia in France and will be launched this September at the Labour Party Conference 2022. The second compares Islamophobia in the UK and Germany, to be published later this year. Click here for details about our upcoming Labour Party fringe events.

The research is part of a pan-European campaign, led by and in solidarity with, Europe’s Muslim communities, to challenge the mainstreaming of Islamophobia across the political spectrum. We seek to build a progressive movement for an alternative politics that is radical, inclusive and transnational. 

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This campaign is supported by Friedrich Ebert Stiftung.

10th June 2022