Daily #StopTheCoup protests ramp up pressure as parliament returns

Our press release roundup on #StopTheCoup, Monday 2nd September

View from the stage at #StopTheCoup on Saturday 31st August

For immediate release

  • More large protests expected in London and across the country on a daily basis, starting with 5.30 this evening
  • Mass movement “holding feet to the fire” as parliament comes back, with rumours of general election circulating
  • Civil disobedience expected, with trade unionists threatening strike action and plans for mobilisation escalating into the weekend

The #StopTheCoup protests are to continue this evening as parliament returns, and will be taking place every day at 5.30 across the country. In London, protesters will gather in Parliament Square. 

Massive demonstrations took place on Saturday, with hundreds of thousands taking to the streets in defiance at Boris Johnson’s shutting down of the parliamentary process in order to deliver on his Brexit agenda. 

The protests are organised by a new coalition of organisations, with Another Europe is Possible playing a central role in coordinating efforts alongside Momentum. The Green Party and Jeremy Corbyn have endorsed the demonstrations, as have a number of trade unions. 

The official activities planned in London this week are as follows. 

  • On Monday, a protest meeting in Parliament Square at 5.30pm, engaging in a “democratic assembly” and action (Facebook event here)
  • On Tuesday, a rally in Parliament Square not organised by #StopTheCoup, but which will see a large number of protesters join it (Facebook event here)
  • On Wednesday, a rally outside the Home Office in defence of migrants’ rights (from 6pm), followed by a march on parliament and a rally in Parliament Square (Facebook event here)
  • On Thursday, a protest starting at Parliament Square at 5.30pm (Facebook event here)
  • On Friday, a protest starting in Parliament Square at 5.30pm (Facebook event here)
  • On Saturday, a massive rally outside Downing Street starting at 2.30pm (Facebook event here)

Organisers emphasise that there will be nationwide action every single day, not just in London, with dozens of independently organised actions already planned. The most reliable source of information on these protests (where there is live-updated map) is at stopthecoup.org.uk

Widespread civil disobedience is anticipated, including the blockading of roads and bridges, throughout the period. Hundreds of trade unionists have also now put their names to a statement calling for strikes to stop the coup. The statement calls on “unions, the Labour Party, and the whole working-class movement” to “urgently mobilise direct action, including protests, strikes, and occupations”. 

Michael Chessum, national organiser for Another Europe is Possible, said: 

“With Boris Johnson determined to attack and undermine parliament, it is vital for democracy that a movement builds which can challenge the power of the government. As parliament returns, this mass movement will be holding feet to the fire – and making it absolutely clear to MPs where the public mood is. This is an unelected government acting without a mandate, desperately attempting to push through a Brexit agenda which would wreck the lives of ordinary people, workers and migrants. We don’t just have the right to resist it, we have a duty.”

Nadia Whittome, a Nottingham Labour activist and spokesperson for Another Europe is Possible said: 

“We are now seeing the true meaning of Brexit – it is a project aimed at nothing less than the destruction of what little democracy we have. And if they are prepared to shut down our democracy to deliver Brexit, their intentions for after they succeed will be even worse. We are facing an all out attack on the rights of migrants and workers, the destruction of the welfare state and the scrapping of vital environmental protections. Everything is at stake, and we can’t just rely on judges or MPs.”



  1. For more information please ring 07964791663 or email info@anothereurope.org
  2. Spokespeople from  #StopTheCoup are available for broadcast
  3. The website for the movement can be found at: http://stopthecoup.org.uk
  4. The statement from trade unionists can be found at: https://www.anothereurope.org/trade-unionists-against-the-coup/

2nd September 2019