Defend refugees and free movement – back amendment 332

Free movement is a right worth fighting for.

Brexit is a fundamental threat to migrants’ and refugee rights. The EU Withdrawal Bill is designed to give ministers the power to ditch rights and protections formerly enshrined in EU law behind closed doors and without a vote in parliament. As the Bill is debated in the House of Commons, some MPs are putting forward amendments to ensure that the government does not use these powers to undermine free movement or the right to claim asylum for unaccompanied child refugees.

That’s why we’re backing amendment 332 put forward by Stella Creasy, which you can read below. This an opportunity to stand up for free movement, and for the rights of refugees.

Neither we nor the amendment intend to defend the EU’s refugee policy or the Dublin Regulation in its entirety (we are a consistent critic of Fortress Europe) – this is about forcing a debate on the rights of child refugees and free movement. As the Red Cross describes it: “The Dublin Regulation states that asylum seekers with family members already under international protection, or in the process of seeking asylum, have the right to claim asylum in the same country. As such, the Dublin Regulation offers some degree of help for people with family already in the country they wish to claim asylum in.” It’s really very basic, and there’s no excuse for not guaranteeing it.

Not all amendments will get debated – only the most popular ones. That’s where you come in. Write to your MP now and ask them to put their name to  this amendment. You can use our model letter (click here).

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1st December 2017