Hard Brexit lost the election

The Tories put their case, and they lost. Now join the campaign to fight back against their extreme Brexit agenda.

Theresa May was very clear when she called this election that its purpose was to get a mandate for her version of Brexit, and to deliver the Conservative Party a big enough majority to eliminate the prospect of opposition parties altering the terms or objectives of the Brexit negotiations.

The Tories’ vision for Brexit is an attack on our democracy and our rights. It would take Britain out of the customs union and the European single market in order to abolish free movement and attack migrants’ rights. The Tories are the only major party (alongside UKIP) to refuse to sign up to the Home is Here pledge, which would guarantee the rights of the 3 million EU citizens living in the UK.  The Great Repeal Bill is set to grant Theresa May the powers of a Tudor monarch to strip out legislation, including key protections for workers and the environment, without a vote in parliament.

This vision has been decisively rejected by the British people. The Tories put their case, and they lost.

During this election campaign, Another Europe is Possible raised the alarm about Tory Brexit, delivering leaflets and posters all over the country and raising the profile of EU migrants’ rights with our Home is Here campaign.

In the coming months, we must fight back against this assault on our rights and demand a Progressive Deal – a settlement with the EU which preserves the progressive elements of EU membership: workers’ rights, the environment, human rights, free movement, science and research funding, and education and innovation.

If you want to get involved in that campaign:

  1. Sign up as a supporter of Another Europe is Possible
  2. Sign up as a local organiser here – and put in an order for leaflets and posters
  3. Write to your new MP now – will they sign up to the Progressive Deal?

9th June 2017