Momentum members back public vote on Brexit

Consultation results announced. 82% of members think that Brexit will make things worse and only 17% do not support a public vote.

7th November 2018

  • Consultation shows 53% of Momentum members back committing now to a public vote if no general election happens, with the biggest number backing a referendum “in all circumstances”
  • A small minority (just 17%) do not support a public vote
  • Momentum position goes further than Labour conference, which opted only to put a referendum on the table
  • 82% of Momentum members think that Brexit will make things worse for Britain

Momentum, the grassroots campaign set up to support Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour leadership, has concluded a consultation of its members on Brexit. The result is a clear mandate for Momentum to support a fresh referendum if no general election takes place. 

Overall, 52% of members said they would support a public vote if no general election can be secured, with 41% saying that they would support a public vote “in all circumstances”. A tiny 17% said that they did not support a public vote, while 28% said they wanted it as an option on the table.

Meanwhile, 82% of Momentum members said that Brexit would make things worse. 

The response of Momentum’s members goes significantly further than Labour’s conference policy. The motion passed overwhelmingly by delegates in September pushed Labour towards backing another referendum, but only made it an option on the table. Momentum’s members have now voted to back a referendum outright if no general election can happen. 

The consultation was in large part the result of a petition campaign launched by Tower Hamlets Momentum activist Alena Ivanova. It also follows a major campaign, which mobilised an unprecedented number of motions to Labour Party conference, led by Another Europe is Possible and other left groups. 

Alena Ivanova, an east London Momentum activist who started the campaign for a consultation, said:
“I am delighted at the results of this consultation. Momentum members have overwhelmingly endorsed giving the people the final say on Brexit. These results should finally put to bed the idea that Brexit is just an issue for Corbyn’s opponents. We – the overwhelming majority of Momentum members, and Labour members – back Jeremy Corbyn and want to fight Tory Brexit. We are the people who deliver the leaflets, fill rooms and who will put Jeremy into Number 10, and we will not be ignored.”

Michael Chessum, national organiser for Another Europe is Possible, said: 
“The evidence can no longer be ignored – the activist base of the Labour left is overwhelmingly in favour of a fresh referendum if no general election can happen. The most popular option on the survey was for a referendum “in all circumstances”, which is an incredibly strongly worded option. Brexit means deregulation, attacks on workers’ rights and the end of free movement. There is simply no excuse – either for Labour as a whole, or for individual Labour MPs – not to oppose this agenda and give the people a final say”


1. For more information please ring Michael on 07964791663
2. Another Europe is Possible is a left wing anti-Brexit campaign which has led the movement against Tory Brexit in Labour and on the left. 
3. Asked for their view on a public vote on the Brexit deal:

  • 28% of Momentum members said they wanted it as an option on the table
  • 12% said they would support committing now to a public vote if no general election could happen
  • 41% said they would support committing now to a public vote in all circumstances
  • 17% said they did not support a public vote
  • 2% didn’t know

4. 81% of members said they thought Brexit was going to make things worse.
5. The full results of the consultation can be viewed here:

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