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Episode 85

Betwixt and between? Eastern Europeans in Britain 

with Yva Alexandrova and Alena Ivanova

Episode 84

As the Boris Johnson regime faces its most serious crisis… how do we beat the Tories in 2022?

with Seema Syeda

Episode 83

Spain’s left are leading Europe, so why are the far right on the rise?

with Marga Ferra

Episode 82

COP26 and the global climate crisis

with Laurie Macfarlane

Episode 81

Reflections on the German elections

with Jeremy Cliffe

Episode 80

Paul Mason on How to Stop Fascism


Episode 79

‘I fled the Taliban, now I fear for my people’

with Shukria Rezaei

Episode 78

England, Englishness and anti-racism after the Euros

with Shaista Aziz and John Denham

Episode 77

Hope despite retreat? Reflections on five years since the Brexit referendum

with Laura Parker

Episode 76

Where is Germany going? The future of Europe’s sleeping giant after the Merkel era

with Franziska Heinisch and Christos Katsioulis

Episode 75

European super WHAT? Money and power in modern football

with David Kogan

Episode 74

Do economies always have to grow? The question facing capitalism

with Tim Jackson