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Episode 73

Fighting for life after Covid

with James Meadway

Episode 72

Migrant rights under Covid – the quiet battle for human dignity

with Zoe Gardner and Alena Ivanova

Episode 71

One good thing could come out of Brexit – a bonfire of national illusions

with David Edgerton

Episode 70

2021 – year of climate resistance?

with Sian Berry

Episode 69

The UK at the cliff edge. Are we heading for a no deal catastrophe?

with Katy Hayward

Episode 68

Is the game finally up for Donald Trump?

with Nick Dearden

Episode 67

Is an ethical foreign policy possible in an authoritarian world?

with Mary Kaldor

Episode 66

This is Not Normal – the Collapse of Liberal Britain

with Will Davies

Episode 65

One minute to midnight to save American democracy

with Cas Mudde

Episode 64

Democracy for Sale – Dark Money and Dirty Politics

with Peter Geoghegan

Episode 63. Book launch

Trade Secrets – the truth about the US trade deal and how we can stop it

with Nick Dearden

Episode 62

‘I made millions from the financial crisis. Trust me, the system is broken’

with Gary Stevenson