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Episode 13


with Eloise Todd

Episode 12

What future for Europe?

With Ash Sarkar, Mary Kaldor and Gian Giacomo Migone

Episode 11

Are the Tories dead?

With Zoe Williams, Luke Cooper and Jamie Coward.

Episode 10

Labour conference 2018 – will members ‘take back control’?

With Alena Ivanova and Michael Chessum

Episode 9

Brexit and the economy – project fear or project fact?

This week's guest is Alfie Stirling from the New Economics Foundation

Episode 8

Can Europe be saved from itself?

Paul Mason is this episode's guest on the Another Europe podcast

Episode 7

Is Brexit racist?

Jamie Coward, Zoe Williams and Luke Cooper are joined by Omar Khan from the Runnymede Trust and Brendan McGeever from Birkbeck University

Episode 6

Should the left oppose Brexit?

A recording of a live audience debate with economist Grace Blakeley and Another Europe national organiser Michael Chessum.

Episode 5

Is Brexit dying?

Episode 5: Cabinet resignations and Trump's visit

Episode 4

Are we all ‘Citizens of Nowhere’?

This week we’re joined by Niccolo Milanese, one of two co-authors of an excellent new book, 'Citizens of Nowhere; How Europe can be saved from itself'

Episode 3

Labour and Brexit

Episode 3 of the Another Europe podcast, with Stephen Bush

Episode 2

The left and the EU – the neoliberal conundrum

Episode 2 of the Another Europe podcast with economist Ann Pettifor and Podemos activist Sirio Canos Donnay