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Episode 25

What do the European elections mean for the left?

with Laura Parker and Amelia Womack

Episode 24

The leaver who changed his mind

with Peter Oborne

Episode 23

Climate Emergency for the Planet, for Britain, for Europe

with Clive Lewis

Episode 22

Britain Alone – the self-inflicted darkest hour

With Ruth Wodak.

Episode 21

Britain’s Brexit Disaster – what does Europe think?

With Owen Jones, Brian Carty, Elena Crasta, Alena Ivanova, Helmut Scholz and Luke Cooper

Episode 20

Britain on the Brink. What happens now?

With Sam Tarry

Episode 19

How do we beat the centrist party and stop Brexit?

with Alena Ivanova

Episode 18

Fighting the new far right

with Ruth Wodak and Rafal Pankowski

Episode 17

Will Brexit break up the UK?

with Fintan O'Toole

Episode 16

When two tribes go to war…

with Tim Bale

Episode 15

Grabbing the mace, seizing the moment

with Lloyd Russell Moyle MP

Episode 14

Are the fascists winning?

With Asad Rehman.