Solidarity with Belarus: a statement

A statement in solidarity with the uprising in Belarus, signed by MPs, activists, trade unionists and others.

27th October 2020

As activists, writers, trade unionists and politicians on the left in the UK, we are writing to extend our solidarity with the people of Belarus in their struggle for democracy. Since the rigged elections on 8th August, millions of Belarusians have defied the regime of Alexander Lukashenko.  

The strikes and mass protests taking place across Belarus are not just an important means of defying Lukashenko. They are an inspiration to workers and progressives across Europe and the world. 

Our solidarity extends to all those who are struggling for democracy, the rights of minorities, and for the right to freely dissent and organise in Belarus. We note also the special role of organised workers in the uprising, and we send our solidarity to them in the face of persecution and strike-breaking by the regime. 

We utterly reject the idea that democratisation, or a more open society, need be a move towards neo liberal economic reforms. Only by organising together as a mass movement can ordinary people guarantee and extend democracy in society and the economy. 

We will organise in solidarity with the people of Belarus. We call on the left, progressives and the trade union movement in the UK and across the world to do likewise, and to oppose the introduction of repressive forces from outside Belarus.

  1. John McDonnell MP
  2. Nadia Whittome MP
  3. Caroline Lucas MP
  4. Owen Thompson MP
  5. Kenny Macaskill MP
  6. Virendra Sharma MP
  7. Apsana Begum MP
  8. Clive Lewis MP
  9. Kate Osamor MP
  10. Sam Tarry MP
  11. Mick Antoniw AM, Member of Welsh Parliament
  12. Paul Mason, journalist
  13. Richard Corbett, Shipley, former leader of Labour MEPs
  14. Michael Chessum, Another Europe is Possible
  15. Ana Oppenheim, Momentum NCG 
  16. Peter Tatchell, human rights activist
  17. Laura Parker, former Momentum national coordinator
  18. Zoe Williams, London, journalist
  19. Pasco-Q Kevlin, Labour Party
  20. Anthony Ingle, Musician
  21. Peter Buckley, Oldham West and Royton Labour CLP
  22. Robbie Stamp
  23. Joseph Healy, Anti Capitalist Resistance
  24. Anthony Cable 
  25. Sarah Windrum 
  26. Scarlett McGuire, London, Journalist
  27. Shaista Aziz, Oxford Labour Councillor, Stop Trump coalition
  28. Simon Bean
  29. Joseph Ingleby
  30. Eleanor Gibson 
  31. Philippa Rathborne
  32. Bill Starling
  33. Roy Seaman 
  34. Deborah Jay-Lewin
  35. Lorraine Shaw, Member of the Labour Party 
  36. Ken Barker, Unite (Cardiff General Branch)
  37. Daniel Randall, Assistant Chair, RMT Bakerloo branch (pc)
  38. Howard Harris
  39. Ian Fairbairn 
  40. Julian Evans, Bristol, MCIJ
  41. Sandro Montagner, London
  42. David Taffs, Dartford
  43. Mike McNulty, Edinburgh, SNP Member
  44. Gemma Driver, West Sussex, Development Consultant
  45. Viv Seears, Maentwrog
  46. Diana Morgan, Leatherhead Surrey England
  47. Huw Morgan, London
  48. Nigel Hawker, Yorkshire
  49. Brian Fowler, Lancashire
  50. Tim Guy, Milton Keynes
  51. Miles Newman, Lancaster
  52. Morgan Gordon, London
  53. Darius Samadian, Harrogate  
  54. Thomas Grayson-Smith, London 
  55. Caroline Hering, London
  56. Nick Maiden, Chester
  57. Ian Callister, Ashford 
  58. Juliana Grundy, Wigan, UNISON and Labour Party 
  59. C.fraser, Hertfordshire, Anti Facist
  60. Stephanie Bowgett, Huddersfield
  61. Kevin Edwards, Brighton
  62. David Cooper, Crawley
  63. Stephen Harvey, Southampton 
  64. Lyndsay Wheble, Bristol 
  65. Sonia Rawlinson, Burnley
  66. Bridget Carrington, Dereham, Norfolk, Labour Party member
  67. Di Murray , Barnstaple 
  68. Katie Blood, Tamworth 
  69. Richard Duployen, Abingdon-on-Thames, European Movement, Oxford Region Branch
  70. John Camp, London
  71. Timothy Mullen, Stoke-on-Trent
  72. Jennie Cook, Southbourne
  73. John Collins, London
  74. Edna Mullen , Stoke-on-Trent
  75. Shelley Jackson , Towcester 
  76. Irena Paxton, Cardiff
  77. Keith Reader, London 
  78. Simon Evans, London, Labour Party
  79. Jenifer Wates, Woodstock
  80. Ruth Appleton, London, Labour Party Delegate from Camden Unison
  81. Dr Christopher Wilkinson, Rhymney
  82. Martin Huebscher, Tunbridge Wells 
  83. Alison Rees, W Sussex
  84. Achsa Griffiths, Sandwich 
  85. Susan Mosedale, Glasgow 
  86. Philip Hylton , Warrington 
  87. David Sylph, York, Human rights activist
  88. Joan Green, Cambridge
  89. Richard Pierson, Yorkshire  
  90. Anthony lilly, Battle, Engineer
  91. Stan Smith, Nottingham, Labour Party member
  92. John Warburton, Mold
  93. Michal Guest Rob Payne, Southport 
  94. Keith Leech, Rotherham 
  95. Hannah Cole, Oxford 
  96. Daniel Nichols, Romford, Political Officer, Romford Labour Party
  97. Oliver Senton, Kent
  98. Roger Coates, Silesia, Retired
  99. Lyn Parry, Barcelona, Ex social worker
  100. Anne Davidson, Surrey
  101. James Dickins, Leeds 
  102. Diane Collers, Wolverhampton 
  103. John Coombs, Twickenham, Lib Dem Councillor Richmond upon Thames
  104. Angelika Stapf, London 
  105. Serena Newman, London 
  106. Darren Carter, Haslemere
  107. John Hadwin, Guildford, trade unionist and member of the Labour Party
  108. Deborah Fyrth, Sunbury-on-Thames
  109. Alex Howe
  110. Trudy White 
  111. Lisa Thorne
  112. Philip Hyde
  113. Russ Naylor, Priest (Church of England)
  114. David Ian Brown
  115. Kerry Greig
  116. Simon Pearson, Anti*Capitalist Resistance 
  117. Joanne Callaghan, Chair, Weaver Vale For Europe
  118. Anna Saverimuttu
  119. Prof. David Hutchings
  120. Rosie McKenna, Unison Member, candidate for Young Labour International Officer
  121. Dr Jörg Schaub
  122. Linda Burns
  123. John Owens 
  124. Deborah Edwards 
  125. Barry Winter
  126. Alena Ivanova, London, Bethnal Green and Bow Labour Party Women’s Forum secretary, IWGB
  127. George Nicholson, Sheffield, UCU
  128. David Howarth, Wigan
  129. Veera Ahlbom , Turku, 
  130. Christopher Barrett, Aups, France
  131. Conway Davies, St Clears
  132. Julie Ward, former Labour MEP
  133. Ian Callister, Ashford
  134. Helen Grogan, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs, Deputy Chair of European Movement Staffordshire
  135. Katharine Cawsey, Fairford
  136. Felicity Taylor, London
  137. Susan Lewis, London 
  138. Wilma McHardy
  139. Tom Wilkes, Malmesbury
  140. Peter Visscher, Derbyshire 
  141. Almuth Ernsting, Edinburgh
  142. Steve Thomas, Cheltenham 
  143. Barry Gills, Newcastle upon Tyne, Climate Emergency Officer, Newcastle Central CLP
  144. Joe Mahtani, Coventry
  145. Gabrielle Haynes, Bexhill-On-Sea 
  146. Evelyn Forgie, Bedford
  147. Mike Mulliner, Belper
  148. Lorna Reith , London 
  149. Janet Shapiro, London , National Pensioners Convention 
  150. Alistair Cairns, Edinburgh
  151. S M Sansbury, London, Grandmother
  152. Lorne and Maureen Anton, Ayton, Scotland, Trade Unionists, Socialists, Scottish Nationalists
  153. Matthew Godwin, Manchester
  154. Valerie Jeffries, Faversham 
  155. John Latham, Birkenhead
  156. Janine Booth, Lewes, East Sussex, trade unionist, socialist, writer
  157. Sarah Uppard, Exeter
  158. Alex Howe, West Sussex UK
  159. Howard Lane, London
  160. David Birch, Stevenage 
  161. Carole Griffiths , Peterborough  
  162. Michael Cook, London
  163. hywel ceri jones, Penarth
  164. Rosamund Derry, Trethevy
  165. Dr Tom Hubbard, Kirkcaldy
  166. Andrew Woodall, Leeds
  167. Steve Hirschhorn, Francavilla Fontana, Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  168. Sandra Roberts, London, Labour Party
  169. Philip Cerny, York, UK, Professor Emeritus of Politics and Global Affairs, University of Manchester and Rutgers University
  170. Ricky Thamman, Newcastle, Psychologists For Social Change
  171. Linda Robinson, London
  172. Dennis Hughes, Bristol, Labour Party 
  173. Norma Hornby, Cheshire
  174. Felicity Bevan
  175. Edward Halsted, London, Equity
  176. Michael Dennison , Whitley bay
  177. Reuben Lane, London, BECTU Union
  178. Anna Schiffer, Castle Cary
  179. Mr Paul Rushforth, Barton upon Humber
  180. Valerie Dann, London
  181. Steve Crown, Newcastle upon Tyne
  182. Becky Payne, London
  183. Andrew Garms, Newcastle upon Tyne
  184. Ruth Fryer, Canterbury
  185. Mike Rowley, Oxford, Labour Councillor
  186. Eileen Scholes , London
  187. Mike O’Neill, Oxford, Labour Party Member
  188. Carole Elliott, Cottingham
  189. Dion Winton-Polak, Aberystwyth
  190. Ann Marie, Renfrewshire
  191. Lesley Paterson, Cupar 
  192. Susan Wood, Chipping Norton
  193. Graham George, Northampton
  194. Dr Joseph Baxter, Nottingham, Labour Party, UCU
  195. Mary Brighouse 
  196. Dr Andy Hill, Gainsborough UK, Computer Systems Consultant
  197. Jess Carrington, Norwich, Unison Rep and Labour Party Member 
  198. Sharon Bracher, Havant
  199. Alex Carro, London, 
  200. Philip Rowlands , Kettering , Labour 
  201. Crispin Avon, Copenhagen
  202. Hannah Kemmett, Durham, Labour Party member
  203. Ruthi Brandt, Oxford
  204. Jennifer Reznick, London 
  205. Paul-Francois Tremlett, Bicester 
  206. Timothy Block, London, Equity
  207. Hayley Clark, London
  208. Sheila Gavagan, Bolton, Retired teacher
  209. Jill Oakes, Banbury
  210. John Ratcliff, High Wycombe
  211. Thomas Gilbert, London, Labour, UVW
  212. Dennis Penaluna, Nottingham, Organiser, Nottingham Secular Society
  213. Barrie Dalby, Rotherham
  214. Alan Ducklin, Gorebridge
  215. Amy Ellis, Suffolk
  216. Lyn Nesbitt-Smith, Brighton
  217. Malcolm Imrie, North London, Translator and editor
  218. Luke Cooper, London / Islington, Consultant researcher, LSE CCS 
  219. Alistair Russell, Darlington
  220. Philip Inglesant, London, UK, Oxford University UCU equalities officer
  221. Anne Wyatt, York
  222. Eleanor Dennison, West Yorkshire
  223. Stephen Chase, Newtown St Boswells
  224. Keith Lindsey, Winnenden, NGO leader
  225. James Barling, Lincoln UK
  226. Carol Broom, Banbury, Green Party,  Humanist, Extinction Rebellion
  227. Ken Watkins, Rochester, Green Party member 
  228. Jan Holm, Boat of Garten, 
  229. Ian Andain, Liverpool 
  230. Geoff Ryan, Ammanford, Carmarthen East and Dynefwr CLP
  231. Daniel McDowell, Ludlow
  232. John Albert Wyatt, York
  233. Tom Grieve, Romsey
  234. Carol Ware, Folkestone
  235. Ewa Maydell , Dumbarton
  236. Geraldine Glynn, Steeple Aston 
  237. Peter Brimson, London 
  238. Geraldine Cowan, London, Unite
  239. Dai Hawkins, Nantmel
  240. David Grundy, Lancaster, 
  241. Caroline Wild, East Grinstead 
  242. Mark Whyte, York
  243. Peter Nowland, Oxford
  244. Beth Martin, Wadhurst
  245. Carola Hill, Street
  246. David Chandler, Frome
  247. Sarah Jones, Milton Keynes 
  248. Michael Shaw, Huddersfiel
  249. Karl Holden, Lancaster
  250. Stephen Midgley, West Calder
  251. Christian Nielsen, Liverpool
  252. Melinda Crook, Leominster 
  253. Tim Mohun, London
  254. Eileen Scholes , London
  255. Patricia Kelly, Manchester 
  256. James Nicholson, Southampton
  257. Peter Murry, London, co-secretary Green Party Trade Union group
  258. Anna Smallwood, Hope Valley
  259. Sarah Aspinall, York
  260. Mary MacCallum Sullivan, Ardrishaig, Mary MacCallum Sullivan, Psychotherapist
  261. Caroline Cattermole, Lancaster, Green Party, Extinction Rebellion
  262. John Clark, London, Labour Party activist
  263. Chris Allen, Leicester
  264. Miranda Willams, Bolton
  265. Edward Marks, London 
  266. Trevor Gardner, Exeter 
  267. Cheryl Lloyd, Newcastle upon Tyne
  268. Diane Murphy, Ellesmere Port
  269. Eleanor Harrison, Southampton
  270. Lorraine Taylor, Denbigh
  271. Chris Parker, Nottingham 
  272. Robin Irving, Newcastle upon Tyne 
  273. Gidon Cohen, London
  274. Mike Cowley, Edinburgh North and Leith Labour Party Executive
  275. Negar Khalesi, London
  276. Lawrence Matthews, Manchester
  277. James J Mercer, Langton Matravers
  278. Nicole Wevers, London
  279. Laraine Berry, Wellingborough 
  280. Lydia Laurence, Drayton, Langport
  281. Mark Findlay, Brighton, Unite, Brighton Pavillion CLP
  282. Lewis Jones, London, UK, University & Colleges Union
  283. Matt Lewis, London 
  284. Hugh Daniels, Henfield, West Sussex
  285. Chris Traynor, Liverpool
  286. Cecilia Weston, Dukinfield 
  287. Frankie Fisher, Manchester 
  288. Raymond Pringle, Dunfermline 
  289. Eleanor Llewelyn, Swansea
  290. Keith Richards, London
  291. Judy Atkinson , London , Mutiny
  292. Caroline Spencer-Palmer, Colne, MRCGP
  293. Denis Buckley, Tonbridge 
  294. Richard Cohen, London
  295. Christopher Cheatle, Cambridgeshire, Humanitarian Democrat
  296. Patrick Newman, Stevenage, Labour Party
  297. Paula Whiteside, Sheffield
  298. Kengho  Fong, Edgware
  299. Ann Prosser, Crawley 
  300. Tom  Faulkner, Eastbourne, NUJ
  301. Tim Evans, Stockport
  302. Brian & Maureen Fraser-Duffield, Dunbar
  303. Mike Phillips, Rochdale
  304. Ian Woolcomb, Bristol, Labour Party member
  305. James Bailey, London
  306. Thelma Stone, London 
  307. Judie Gannon, Oxford 
  308. Cath Attlee, London
  309. Louise McIntosh , Bath UK, Social Worker 
  310. Magi Young, Exeter, Exeter Labour Party
  311. Neville Ingley , Burton on Trent 
  312. Ben Lewis, London
  313. TJ Milburn, Exeter, trade union organiser and activist
  314. Timothy Kraemer, London
  315. John Taylor, La Tour Blanche
  316. Anthony Stapleton, Bromley-by-Bow
  317. Richard Booth, London
  318. Simon Phillips, London
  319. Tom Kinally, Dover
  320. Natalie Ratner, Halifax 
  321. Dr V Griffiths, Cornwall
  322. David Worrall, Watford 
  323. Jonathan Reder , London
  324. Abel Harvie-Clark, Newcastle upon Tyne, Unison, Newcastle East CLP
  325. John Copland, Lanark
  326. Glenn Martin, Walsall West Midlands 
  327. Mike Fitzgerald, Newcastle upon Tyne, Retired lecturer
  328. Simon De Cogan, Ayr
  329. Steven Shepherd, Aberystwyth
  330. Maude Dews, Marseille, France
  331. Eileen Dale, York
  332. John Weddell, Newcastle upon Tyne
  333. Lesley Gould, London 
  334. Colin Kendall, Bury
  335. Chris Jefferies, Bristol
  336. Robert Mckenzie , Peterborough 
  337. Felicity Allbrooke, Hove
  338. Maxwell Hough, Wigan
  339. David Klemperer, London
  340. John Duncan Murray, London, Architect
  341. Lennaart van Oldenborgh, London
  342. trevor hayes, St Clementine
  343. Alan Gilchrist, Brighton
  344. Sarah adamson, St Albans
  345. Roland Metcalf, Manchester, Academic
  346. Colin Oakley, Castellon
  347. Sam Page, Edinburgh, Vice Convenor, Yes for EU
  348. Munro Ross, Inverness
  349. Lesley Docksey, West Dorset
  350. Gemma Young, Exeter
  351. Timothy Oxton, Colchester
  352. John Morgan, Grantham
  353. Mike Yeadon, Witney
  354. Clara Hayes, Exeter
  355. Rob Gawthrop, Sheffield 
  356. Alun Llewelyn, Harrow, Labour Party member and Unison
  357. Neil Rhoden, Bristol
  358. Anthony Varty, Lancashire  
  359. J West, Edinburgh
  360. Randy Banks, London 
  361. Sue Mew, London, Labour Party and Unite Union 
  362. Francois Duran, Newtownabbey
  363. Jeff Jones, Moreton In Marsh
  364. Monica Peyton, Brighton
  365. Pamela Staley, Barnsley, Labour Party and NEU
  366. Cliff Haynes , Ashford
  367. David Madgett, Shepton Mallet
  368. Sarah Early, Swanage, Unite
  369. Robin Barrett, London, Trade union member
  370. Juha-Matti Vuorinen, Bedford
  371. Peter Morton, Exeter
  372. Christine Davies, Firth, Orkney
  373. Darren Caudle, Cardiff
  374. Alison Emmett, London 
  375. J West, Edinburgh
  376. Liverpool, Liverpool 
  377. Granville Stride  
  378. John Airs, Liverpool, NEU, Unite Community Branch and Labour 
  379. Jan Prince, Farnborough, Hampshire
  380. Caroline Shelton, Gravesend, Kent 
  381. Tom Climpson, Wargrave
  382. Dr R G Portrey , Stockport , Labour Party member
  383. Sue Pegrum, Northern Ireland
  384. Jacqie Levin, Kernow
  385. Diana Hughes, Sibford Ferris 
  386. Dr. Birgitta Heiller, Sandown, Psychologist and Psychotherapist
  387. Paul Biddlecombe, Brighton
  388. Alexander Gavin, Pembrokeshire  
  389. Gavin Edwards, London, Labour Party, UCU
  390. Carl Caulkett, London
  391. Kathleen Parker, Wirral
  392. Duncan Morrison, Deptforrd, London, Branch Secretary, Lewisham NEU (p.c.)
  393. Judith Gussin, Chipping Norton
  394. Dave Jones, Lichfield, UK, Trade Union Lifetime Award
  395. Paul Burgess, Newton Abbot
  396. Nicky Bashall , Slaithwaite, Huddersfield , Labour Party member
  397. Carolyn Phillippo, Swindon
  398. B Studley, Exeter, 
  399. David Hunt, Broadstone
  400. Helen Coulson, Alderley Edge
  401. Jennifer Godschall Johnson, Upper Clatford, Hampshire 
  402. John Lipetz, London, Unite member
  403. Raymond Mitchell, Aldershot
  404. Dave Stephens, Cape Town
  405. Patricia Chilton, Warwick
  406. Sabine Ebert-Forbes, Keighley 
  407. Barbara Clark, Swansea UK
  408. Pam Wallace, Spain
  409. Dave Anderson, Castle Caereinion
  410. Michael O’Hagan, Bristol
  411. Paula Strelczak , Hailsham  
  412. Ivars Plucis, Colchester
  413. Eirug Griffiths , Pontardawe  
  414. Kathy Tomany, Twickenham 
  415. Jane Brettle, Edinburgh
  416. David Cavers, East Linton, East Lothian
  417. Astrid Brown, Southsea, Trade Union member
  418. Chris Harrison, Nottingham
  419. Diana Parry, Norwich
  420. Malcolm Pither, Seaford, East Sussex
  421. Stanisław Raychell, Bristol
  422. Rachel Boulton, London , Labour Party member
  423. Andrew Blewett, Exeter, PhD student, Wageningen University, NL
  424. Diana Park, Nantwich, Labour Party Member
  425. Stanislaw Raychell, Bristol
  426. Eva Langrock-Bircher, Gloucester
  427. Fionna Wire, London
  428. Marcus T Armes, Norwich 
  429. Liz Dixon, Norwich , Green Party Member
  430. Keith Hayward, London 
  431. Stephen Wood, London, RMT, Labour Party 
  432. Stewart Taylor, London
  433. Chris Eilbeck, Edinburgh 
  434. Stephen Philpotts, Basingstoke, Green Party
  435. David Matsono, Chingford, Labour Party 
  436. Kila Millidine, Haverfordwest
  437. Rachel Hubbard, Carlisle
  438. Yvonne Davies, Oldbury, Labour member
  439. Karen Yarnell, London
  440. Fionna Wire, London
  441. John Wilmington, Wigan, Labour party
  442. Fionna Wire, London
  443. John Wilmington, Wigan, Labour party
  444. C L Wardell 
  445. Mark Lansbury, Hampshire, ALPA
  446. John Pusey, Oxford
  447. Bridget Penhale
  448. Anna Beria, Bath, Translator
  449. James Jacobs, Beeston, Nottinghamshire
  450. David Williams, Dolgellau
  451. Alan Mclellan  
  452. Peter Barton, Dorchester
  453. Cherry Lavell, Polegate
  454. John Phillips, Morpeth
  455. Tony Rose, London
  456. Catherine Margham, Knaresborough, Unison member
  457. J. Beaumont, Cardiff Wales, Doctor
  458. Roger Carruthers, South Wales
  459. Pamela Barrett, London
  460. Nicholas Cox, Stanstead Abbotts, Green Party
  461. John Lander, Marbella
  462. Ivor Thomas, London
  463. Colin Shepherd, Edinburgh  
  464. David Shevels, Glenrothes, ex Liberal Democrat Councillor
  465. Phyllis Styles, Sheringham
  466. Patrick  Cornwell, High Peak, Unison member, Labour Party member
  467. John de Carteret, Hope Valley, Derbyshire
  468. Anastasia Scrivener, Bury
  469. Amanda Coppard, London 
  470. Sarah Gosling, Transsexual Rights Activist
  471. Danny Brown, Manchester
  472. Linda Reilly, London, Community Member Unite
  473. Fionna Wire, London
  474. Stephen Lupton, Leeds 
  475. Paul Grover, Halstead
  476. Caroline Anstey , West Yorkshire 
  477. Johnny Finnis, Herne Bay
  478. Charles Tan, London
  479. John Sullivan, Edgware  
  480. Jamie Taylor, Edinburgh 
  481. Anna Jeronymides, London 
  482. Jean Churm, York
  483. Lynda Spence, Northern Ireland 
  484. Anthony Short, Reading, Musicians’ Union member and Labour Party member 
  485. Chris Miller, Oxford
  486. Eileen Penmanll, Edinburgh
  487. Annabel Faraday, Hastings 
  488. Dr John Leach, Bath
  489. Eileen Penman, Edinburgh
  490. Stephanie Tailby, Bristol
  491. Barry Fountain, York
  492. Paul Edmund Wyatt, Derby 
  493. Bernadette Bonner, Leeds
  494. Linda Goldsmith, London
  495. Mike Dolan, Northwich
  496.  Barry Fountain, York
  497. Maire Smith, Cannock 
  498. Clive Lindley-Jones, Oxford, Health Professional
  499. Lee Brayshaw, Coventry 
  500. Dick Hunter, York
  501. Margaret Lynch, Braintree,  UK Labour party
  502. Kevin Flint, Chesterfield 
  503. Stirling Smith, Bolton, Ethical trade expert
  504. Mike Breakell, Chipping Norton
  505. Richard Boulton , London
  506. Annie Simon, Swindon
  507. Frank O’Hanlon 
  508. Jean-Paul Dervley, Weymouth 
  509. Andrew Coates, Ipswich, Chair of UNITE Branch. LE/1460
  510. Councillor Mike Roberts, Aldershot
  511. Colin Shepherd, Edinburgh 
  512. Gary Hunt, Sheffield
  513. David Bryan Payne, Broxbourne, Liberal Democrat Activist
  514. James Wyllie, Durban 
  515. John Hollis, Swindon
  516. D McNamara, Reading, Co-Chair, Green Left
  517. Chris Hamilton, Randalstown
  518. Daniel Martin, Perth Australia 
  519. Susan Mayhew, Hampshire 
  520. Andy Brice, Llandovery
  521. Jane Thompson, Brockenhurst
  522. Jim Denham, Birmingham, Selly Oak Labour Party, Unite
  523. Jane Fieldsend, Norwich
  524. Rev Simon Wilson, Heacham, Norfolk, Liberal Democrat
  525. Deborah Cunliffe, Rowde,Devizes
  526. Graham Allum, Tiverton
  527. Geoff Lamb, East Grinstead
  528. Chris Barker, Hornsey, Hornsey and Wood Green Labour Party
  529. Richard Ridings, LondonMax Loxterkamp, Bristol, 
  530. Ian Morton, Sheffield
  531. Stephen David, Leeds
  532. Paul Ryder, Cheltenham 
  533. Maria Davies, Manchester 
  534. Richard Spicer, Bedfordshire 
  535. Ginette Markwick , Cambridge 
  536. John Garrett, Coventry
  537. Alexandra , London, Mediator and trade unionist
  538. Hong Luo, York, TSSA and Labour Party
  539. Josiah Mortimer, London, Co-Editor, Left Foot Forward
  540. Joan Stewart, Oxford, NHS campaigner
  541. Ginny Lee, Plymouth, Devon
  542. Rob Devenish, Dover
  543. Bryan Schram , Milton Keynes, NAHT   Headteacher (retired)
  544. Konnie Lloyd, Nottingham
  545. Peta Lunberg , Surbiton
  546. Kim Whitworth, Peterborough
  547. Shaun Coster, Shrewsbury
  548. Malcolm Harrison, Gateshead 
  549. Janet Leedham, Horncastle
  550. Ali Day, London
  551. Peter Hurst, Edinburgh
  552. Elizabeth Hanson, Bracknell 
  553. Holly Walton, Aberdeen, SNP Member
  554. Jane Schoelkopf, Dartford, Green Party member
  555. Nicholas Dakin, London
  556. Andy Smith, Warwick
  557. Edwin Brown, St Albans, Hertfordshire, Retired teacher
  558. John Gatehouse, Llucmajor
  559.  Brian Evenden, Essex, Ex Trade Union member retired 
  560. Derek Bell, London
  561. Colin Appleby, Washington, Labour Party member for many years
  562. Iain Richardson, Bristol
  563. Brian Preece, Stockport, UK, Campaign Coordinator, Cheadle CLP
  564. Shirley Vanessa Simms, Arbroath
  565. Simon Carruth, London
  566. John Penn, Solihull 
  567. Lorraine T Grisedale, Lancaster 
  568. Jan O’Malley, London, Labour Party
  569. Robert Pearson, Wirral 
  570. Helena Peltonen-Gassmann, Hamburg
  571. Jeff Buck, Nottingham
  572. Alistair Price, Eye
  573. Alison Storer, Ilkeston 
  574. Matt Chamings , Barnstaple
  575. Craig Lewis, Glasgow, Unite
  576. Karen McCarthy , Manchester 
  577. Lorraine Mccoll, Hamilton, SNP member
  578. David Honour, Huddersfield
  579. Colin Roth, London
  580. John Green, Chester 
  581. Garry Saunders, Ramsgate, UNISON member, Green Party member and Chartered Safety Practitioner.
  582. Jane Wheeler, Bale
  583. Gordon Mulholland, Glasgow, Scotland
  584. Belle Claudi, West Linton 
  585. Dean Jason, Westcliff on Sea
  586. Ben Taylor, Seaford, Activist European citizen
  587. Rebecca Pearson-Close, London, 
  588. Phil Clarke, Nuneaton, Labour Party member
  589. Jonathan Bate, Eccles, Teacher
  590. David Corrigan, Gillingham
  591. John Dunne, Wakefield
  592. David Headon, Canterbury
  593. Elizabeth Beech, Wirral Merseyside 
  594. Paul Openshaw, Eastleigh
  595. David Margolies, London, Professor Emeritus, Goldsmiths
  596. Jenny Budd, Bristol
  597. Rachel Hope, Sheffield
  598. Malcolm Smith, Gabian 
  599. Gabrielle Moniz, London 
  600. Kim Davies, Durham
  601. Paul Hunt, Filey
  602. Heelah Schoham, Berlin 
  603. Duncan Toms, Machynlleth 
  604. Malcolm Clark, Harrogate
  605. Vanessa Baird, Oxford, NUJ
  606. Margaret Le Messurier-Ritchie, New Mills 
  607. Madeline Nestor, Middlesbrough
  608. Caroline von Taysen, Berlin, Clinical Psychologist 
  609. Alfred Gliddon, Bristol, NEU
  610. James Nye, East Cowes
  611. Sarah Cooper, Brighton, Labour Party
  612. Andrew Zielinski-Raynor, Nottingham
  613. Kristin Tunley-Smith, Cheshire
  614. Sandra Stack, Lampeter 
  615. José León, Shoreham by Sea
  616. Liz Dixon, Norwich , Green Party Member
  617. Rosamond Tharp, Diss
  618. Sacha Marten, Tonbridge, CLP VC Membership and LGBT Officer
  619. Karen Scott , Caerphilly 
  620. David Southcombe, Kelso
  621. Martin W Huxley, Weston-super-Mare
  622. Sacha Marten, Tonbridge, CLP VC Membership and LGBT+ Officer, candidate for Young Labour NC Student Rep
  623. Carol Westall, Allendale 
  624. Peter Cullen , Falkirk 
  625. Paul Hunt, Filey
  626. Paul Manley, Bristol 
  627. Steve Angove, Dawlish, Devon 
  628. Eluned Owen, London
  629. Paul Batty, Pontefract 
  630. Roger Legg, Malmö
  631. David Maslin , Wolverhampton 
  632. Ruth Bradshaw, London, UK, Former workplace trade union rep
  633. John Buckell, Northampton
  634. Danny Brown, Fleet, Hampshire  
  635. Bernard Forbes, St Albans
  636. Norman Traub, Leigh on Sea 
  637. Paul Dey, Leicester
  638. Stephen Puddephatt, Newark, Retired Teacher
  639. James Cummings, Dawlish
  640. Glenn Smith, Liverpool, Trade Unionist
  641. Andrea Slater, Norwich
  642. John Logan, Wigan
  643. Julie Hudson, Gloucester, Liberal Democrat
  644. Jo Brown, Isle of Wight
  645. Emma Overington, Poole 
  646. James Carr, Southampton 
  647. Brian Clark, Brighton
  648. Christopher Corr, London 
  649. Al Macdonald , Dorset
  650. Peter O’Garr, Edinburgh 
  651. Mary Talbot, Sunderland 
  652. Tessa Ryan , Brussels, Belgium
  653. Monica Ayliffe, Richmond , Labour Party 
  654. David Blackman, Headington, Oxford, Labour Party member
  655. Dave Newbury, Filey
  656. Richard A Edwards., Mile Cross Estate, Norwich 
  657. Tim Shelton-Jones, Brighton
  658. Sandra Hawke, London, Retired charity CEO
  659. Lenore Abramsky, London
  660. Pete Samways, Leeds
  661. Richard Harman, Nailsea, European Movement
  662. Adrian Finney , Southend on Sea 
  663. P morgan, Paignton
  664. Neville Jones, Liverpool 
  665. Marie Shrewsbury, Leeds 
  666. Mavourneen Burrows, York 
  667. Rob Bray, Argyll, UCU
  668. Seb Thirlway, Newcastle, Labour member
  669. Martin Burrows, Bordon
  670. Brendan Donovan, Glasgow, UCU member
  671. Rowan Adams, Ventnor
  672. Mairin Valdez, Reading 
  673. Richard Young, Weston-super-Mare
  674. Sarah Moliver , Cheltenham
  675. Chris Evans, Bristol
  676. Judy Mason, Shipston-on-Stour
  677. Denis Gallagher, Blackpool
  678. Keir Simons, London
  679. Caroline Brown, Brighton, Brighton and Hove Liberal Democrats
  680. Liam Smith, Plymouth 
  681. Adrian Lea, Penicuik, Midlothian
  682. Paul Bradley, Poulton le Fylde
  683. Annette Kelly, Harrow
  684. Gill Packard, Ipswich 
  685. Danny Brown, Fleet, Hampshire 
  686. Professor Derek Gould, Liverpool
  687. R C P Wells, Stourbridge
  688. Denise Ireland, Manchester, 
  689. John Barber, Hampshire, 
  690. Bernard Kilroy
  691. Julie Wintrup , Newbury Berkshire , Policy Officer and Co-Campaign Officer Newbury CLP
  692. Valerie Briginshaw, Chichester, Green Party
  693. Judy Steele, Leamington Spa
  694. Margaret Smart, Darlington 
  695. Rhys Carter, Wrexham
  696. Angela Singleton, Preston
  697. Patricia Snow, Dingwall 
  698. Ben Fisher, Leeds
  699. Paul Harrop, Watton-at-Stone 
  700. Hilary Fraser, Bath, Labour Party and NEU
  701. Christopher Brockwell, Bexley
  702. Jonathan Bate, Eccles, Teacher
  703. Jackie Watkins, Rochester
  704. Roger Distill, St  Albans 
  705. Dermot Murphy, London
  706. Stephen Watts, Horsham, Member of Unison 
  707. Ray Aplin, Morpeth
  708. Peter Fletcher, Ipswich
  709. Cam Hamilton, Hamilton, Scotland, Scottish Greens, Unite the Union
  710. Ian Halverson, Bristol
  711. Liz Dias, Whitehaven 
  712. Suzanne Battison , Southampton 
  713. Maria Malson, Salisbury
  714. Peter Malson, Salisbury 
  715. Nick Langley, Cambridge 
  716. Julian Dunn, Great Haseley 
  717. Dr Jonathan Price, Huddersfield, University of Leeds
  718. Francisco Garcia, London
  719. Claire Francis, Corsham
  720. Laura PHELAN, Shoreham by Sea 
  721. Mary Barker, Barnsley
  722. Geoff Humphrys, Hamburg 
  723. Daniel Johnson, London
  724. Ron Pratt, Stone
  725. Ian McLaren , Largs
  726. David Terry, St. Helens, Labour Party Member
  727. Steve Strong, Bristol, Trade Union member
  728. Irene Norman, Conwy N Wales
  729. Gavin Nixon, Belfast, Northern Ireland
  730. C Critchley, Stockport
  731. Steve Sherrell, Dartford 
  732. Susie Hewson, Bristol
  733. Richard Songhurst, Maidstone 
  734. Michael Grindley, Huddersfield 
  735. Ruth Bell, Leeds, Labour Party
  736. Phil Baptiste , Leeds
  737. Don Manhire, Colchester 
  738. Mark Tiernan, London
  739. Cliff Haynes , Ashford
  740. Paul Reddy, Welwyn Garden City
  741. Catherine Wilson, Brighton 
  742. Mary Taylor, Wirral 
  743. Judy Douglas , Beckenham 
  744. Harold Sawdon, Manchester 
  745. Marcus Cross, London
  746. Martyn Rose, Sheffield 
  747. Julie Margaret Coulter, King’s Lynn, GMB union / Labour Party member and activist.
  748. Rosemary Stewart, Alicante  
  749. Alison House, Cartagena
  750. Mr J Bucke, Bridgend, Mid Glamorgan,Green Party
  751. John Fitzmaurice-Greenslade, London, Public service worker; UNISON member; Labour Party member; lover of peace, kindness, justice and equality
  752. Joanna Hughes, High Wycombe, 
  753. Gavin Edwards, London, Labour Party, UCU
  754. Kathryn Robinson, Middlesbough , Labour unison
  755. Liz Kirby , Chorley
  756. Kim Allen, Bussiere Poitevine 
  757. Jenny Powell, Radcliffe, Manchester
  758. Angi Driver, London
  759. A. Hillman, Guildford
  760. Marion Weston, Leuchars
  761. Rowena Foote, Norwich
  762. Gill Fernley, Bolton
  763. Jeff Henry, Leicester 
  764. Thomas Aubock, Vienna
  765. Les Webb, Leeds
  766. Denise Ireland, Manchester
  767. Martin White, Tenby
  768. Alexander Blackburn, Hemel Hempstead, Trade union member
  769. Sam Darby, Manchester
  770. Les Webb, Leeds
  771. David Lunn, Halifax 
  772. Peter Short, Nottingham, Unison member
  773. Emilio Terol, London 
  774. Clive Parker, Shoreham-by-Sea 
  775. Cynog Dafis, Ceredigion
  776. Michael Laycock, Southampton
  777. Liz Meynell, Penrith
  778. Maria Carmen Garrido Montoya, London 
  779. Paul Kirsch, Ashford
  780. Stephen Armstrong, London, Retired Headteacher
  781. Jean Blaylock, London 
  782. Kate McNally, St Saveur de Montegut
  783. Christiana Watson, London
  784. Michael Picken, Paisley, Scottish Socialist Party member
  785. Lucy Howson, Barnsley
  786. John Huws, Bangor
  787. Jane Goddard, London
  788. Christopher Rogers, London, Labour party member, Anti brexit campaigner
  789. Matt Sawyer, Beckenham, Trade union member
  790. Shaun Peter Edgar, Chippenham
  791. Dr Ian A Parker, Manchester, Manchester Withington Labour Party 
  792. Andrew Rylah, Codicote 
  793. Katrina Walker, Livingston  
  794. Tony Fisher, Nottingham
  795. Stephen Flaherty, Nottingham
  796. Scott Birnie
  797. Shirley Tunley, Bow Street near Aberystwyth
  798. Agnes Javor, Bath
  799. Mark Stevens, Nottingham, SNP, CWU. 
  800. Elina Rantanen, Aylesbury
  801. Jim Ross, Turriff
  802. Sarah Vernon, Bembridge, Isle of Wight
  803. Nigel Harris, Brighton
  804. Undine Downie, Durness by Lairg
  805. Patricia Anne Humphrey, Wooler
  806. Neil Wilson, Millom, Teacher
  807. Lee Thornhill, Colwyn Bay
  808. Jacqueline Kirwan, Wellington
  809. Sambrook, Stoke-on-Trent
  810. Eric Davies, Broadstairs
  811. Rosalynne Birch, Oldham, Labour Party 
  812. Simon Clark, Retford
  813. Jon Bloomfield, Birmingham
  814. Stephen Lee, Hornsea
  815. Josephine Williams, London
  816. Alex Pryor, Tansley
  817. Nile Nugnez, London 
  818. Mike Taylor, Leiston, Labour party
  819. David Farley, Bournemouth 
  820. Mary Flannery, Skipton
  821. Marie Milburn, Easingwold, York
  822. Deb Frost, Bognor Regis
  823. Sandy Paul, London, Labour Party 
  824. Jutta Christian, Cardiff, 
  825. Nicola Ford, Leeds
  826. Steve Boyd, Oswestry, Chair, Montgomeryshire for Europe
  827. Daniel Oliver Lauchlan Key, Bristol, Bristol East Labour Party
  828. Deirdre Diggins, Maidstone
  829. Agnieszka Kucharska, Dunstable
  830. Kirsty Ogg, London
  831. Mark Jones, Rushmoor
  832. Pat Devine, Manchester UK
  833. Tricia Dawson, Irthlingborough 
  834. Moshe Mankoff, Gateshead 
  835. Laurence Bell, London’, Former university academic
  836. Arie Vanderwyst, London, Artist
  837. Dr Paul Tanto, Twickenham
  838. Emma Hawes, Chester
  839. Linda Foster, Wembley, 
  840. Trevor Barratt, Bournemouth 
  841. Michael Sidaway , Bacton, Norfolk, RMT
  842. Tim Beecher, Brighton
  843. Francine Grant, Hove
  844. Sue Kilgallon, Stockport 
  845. Jude Huntley, London
  846. Ruth Penny, nr. Driffield
  847. Peter Wright
  848. Ian Lebeau, London
  849. Ben Towse, London, co-founder, Labour Campaign for Free Movement
  850. Hilary thomas, Ammanford
  851. Edward Grocott, Liverpool
  852. James Bramwell, Beckenham
  853. Wendy Boothman, Huddersfield 
  854. Patricia McLoughlin, Leeds, Labour Party member/Trades Union member
  855. Gerald Saunders, Nottingham
  856. Tony Papard, London
  857. Susan Pashkoff, London
  858. Michael Lewis, Gainsborough
  859. Eric Chipulina, Bury St. Edmunds 
  860. Mandy Gibson, London
  861. Hannah Smith, Wellington, New Zealand
  862. Kayla-mae Beckett, Newcastle-Under-Lyme 
  863. Heather Clark, Edinburgh
  864. Janet Marks, London
  865. Pat Curtis, Castor
  866. Alexandra Liava, Verbania
  867. James Catmur, Sandy
  868. Deirdre Schnaar, Crawley
  869. Maureen Watson, Barrow in Furness
  870. Christopher Ford, London, Ukraine Solidarity Campaign 
  871. Stephen Pollington, Cockermouth
  872. Ian McHugh, Sheffield
  873. Susan Dorrell, London 
  874. Anne Sadler, Belper
  875. Nick Evans, Sheffield, UCU
  876. Helen Kummer, Totnes
  877. Simon Briggs, London 
  878. Moira Cunningham, Scarborough
  879. Lorrain Baggaley , Chichester
  880. Mike Dearing, Beaconsfield
  881. Jeff Henry, Leicester
  882. Liam McQuade, London, Bethnal Green and Bow Labour Party
  883. Mary Crick, Cranbrook 
  884. Annabelle Shaw, London, Member of UNITE and The Fawcett Society
  885. Pauline Dete, Doncaster
  886. JJ Clarke, London 
  887. Steve Rouse, Swindon
  888. Neil Rogall, N176LB, UCU (retired)
  889. Alyson Lewin, Stafford 
  890. Eunice Gilks, London 
  891. crispin weir, London
  892. Jenny Lennox, London, NUJ, Unite and Labour Party
  893. Howard Roberts, Twickenham 
  894. Helen Shipley, Peacehaven
  895. Stan Crooke, Glasgow, GMB and Unite member
  896. Pauline McGovern, Chorley, Doctor, research consultant to civil society organisations
  897. John Williams , Coventry 
  898. Julius Ramos Payo, Malaga
  899. Claire O’Kell, York, UK
  900. Michael Wells, London 
  901. William Durno, Westhill 
  902. Jeremy Bartlett, Norwich 
  903. Prue Lambert, Exeter
  904. John Finagin, London, Retired teacher
  905. Oleg Vernyk, Kyiv (Ukraine) , A Head of All-Ukrainian independent Trade Union “Zakhyst Pratsy” (Defence of Labour) 
  906. Robert Proctor, Cambridge 
  907. Richard Green, Stirling
  908. Omar Raii, London, Lewisham Deptford CLP
  909. Bob Lee, Melay, France
  910. Steve Chapman, Sheffield, Unite the Union, Sheffield Heeley Labour Party
  911. M Driver, Poole
  912. Howard Charles Wrigley, Oldham 
  913. Liz Martindale, London, Trade unionist,  Labour party member
  914. Cllr Chris Burke MBA, Lincoln , Executive Member City of Lincoln Council (Labour)
  915. Adrian Sargood, Exeter
  916. David Hahn, Hayes
  917. Dave Merrett, York 
  918. Jennifer Couture , Burgess Hill 
  919. Janet Couture, Burgess Hill
  920. Anthony Short, Readingj, Musicians’ Union member and Labour Party member 
  921. Michael Edmund Fletcher, Birmingham
  922. Zoe Gardner, London
  923. Glenys Gill, Osterholz-Scharmbeck, journalist
  924. Frances Crane, Coventry, TU member, LP member
  925. Philip White, Sheffield
  926. Jude Stratton, Oxford 
  927. Carolyn Sutton, Glastonbury
  928. Kathleen Burley, Barnsley
  929. Larry Sanders, Oxford
  930. C.J.Hollinsworth, Edinburgh
  931. Linda Bailey, London
  932. Mr Gareth J Daniel, London
  933. Alison Northway, Sutton
  934. Margo Sheridan, London
  935. Andrew Kilmister, Oxford , Editor, `Journal of Contemporary Central and Eastern Europe’
  936. Jo Selwood, Oxford
  937. Christopher Mark Smith, Darlington
  938. Eunice Gilks, London 
  939. Liz Fisher, Sheffield
  940. Rick Gaehl, Totnes, Secretary, Totnes CLP
  941. Suzanne Philipps, Frome
  942. Nick Rowland, Hastings
  943. Judith Ryan, London
  944. Helen Alipaz, Dartington, Labour Party Women’s Officer 
  945. Colin Luker, Totnes
  946. Janet Patience, London
  947. Ann Jefferson, Oxford
  948. Chris Fryatt, Brugge
  949. Silvia Fabbri, London 
  950. Kelly Rogers , London, National Education Union workplace rep
  951. David Bailey, Dawlish 
  952. William davies, Darwen 
  953. Greta R.Palmer, Labour 
  954. Simon Jones, Oxford
  955. Peter Bell, Newcastle on  Tyne
  956. Greta R.Palmer, Labour 
  957. Sylvia Scaife, Ipswich 
  958. Gordon Watson, Hunwick
  959. Carol Ann Hudson, London
  960. Keith Heaven, Canterbury, Town Councillor, Sandwich, Kent
  961. Juliet Kirkwood, London
  962. Pat Walmsley, North Somerset, Community volunteer
  963. Marian  Blaikley, Manchester
  964. Lorna Reith , London 
  965. Nigel Jones, Crewe 
  966. Aaron Davies, Bristol 
  967. Penny Woolcock, London
  968. Hilary Beach , Chepstow
  969. Tony Harries, Newquay, Labour Party Member
  970. Craig Mcgee, Epsom 
  971. Marc Owen, Essex
  972. Catherine Maxine Fox, Wrexham, Socialist 
  973. Susan Hanbury, Wales UK, Labour Party member and socialist
  974. Chris Billing, Brixham, UK
  975. Barry Mahar, Somerset 
  976. Ruberta Bisson, St Neots, Labour Party Member, Huntingdonshire CLP
  977. Martin Horan, Manchester
  978. Jennifer Allan, Green party member
  979. Alison Kincgy, Nottingham 
  980. Caroline Cattermole, Lancaster, Green Party, Extinction Rebellion
  981. Simion Calcev, High Wycombe
  982. Brian Keeping, London
  983. Gill Godfrey, Plymouth
  984. Janet Russell, Silsden, Keighley, Green Party
  985. Harry Pitts, Bristol
  986. Ian Aldridge, Burnham on Sea
  987. Kevin Burke, Stoke-on-Trent
  988. Tim Parsons , Bexhill-on-Sea 
  989. Thelonious Switzer, London
  990. Martin Wiltshire, Swindon, Engineer
  991. Carl Gardner, London, Labour Party member
  992. Philip and Ross Luckham-Bulmer, Torquay, MHCIMA
  993. Iain Fergus, St Andrews
  994. Carolyn Turner, Bath
  995. Chris McCusker, Glasgow, SNP Trade Union group Membership Secretary and Vice Convener SNP Socialists
  996. Simon Garrett, High Wycombe
  997. Paul Browne, Liverpool
  998. Rayah Feldman, London
  999. Stewart Eames, Cambridge, Labour party
  1000. Patrick Moore, Crosby
  1001. Roland Kemp, London 
  1002. Svenja Helmes, Sheffield 
  1003. Dora Polenta, Nottingham, LGBTQIA+ Officer of Rushcliffe CLP
  1004. Barrie Hemley, Orihuela Costa Spain 
  1005. Philippa  Drew, London
  1006. Paul Southcott, York
  1007. David Platt, London 
  1008. Gwyneth Spadaro-Dutteri, St Julien de Jonzy, France
  1009. Brian F Shaw, Moreton, Labour Party Supporter
  1010. Ruth Tetlow, Birmingham
  1011. Kevin May , Darlington , Labour Party 
  1012. Christopher Maris, Bristol
  1013. Jasmine Mathieson, Winchelsea beach
  1014. Jill Azzouzi, Liverpool
  1015. Irmgard Hueppe , Oxford  
  1016. Natalie Katharina Jarnstedt, Greenwich, United States of America
  1017. Andy Terry, Stoke on Trent
  1018. Greer Ashton, Cos Cob,  USA
  1019. Maureen Gallaccio, London
  1020. Bob Smith, Manchester, Labour Party, Cooperative Party
  1021. Martin Walker, Wardle, Rochdale
  1022. Giuseppe Tomaselli , Bexleyheath 
  1023. Karen Archer , London , Labour Party 
  1024. Jane Caplan, Oxford
  1025. Brian Gillies, Corby 
  1026. Marilyn Solomon, London 
  1027. Adetayo Solomon, London 
  1028. Kate Lewis, Norfolk, Unite the Union
  1029. Michael Hodgkinson, Sheffield
  1030. Dr Julian Malcolm Gray, Bromsgrove, MPU/Unite
  1031. Sarah Cohen, Lower Moor  
  1032. Alan Wheatley, Hereford
  1033. Richard J Cork, Worcestershire, Retired trade unionist
  1034. John Charlesworth, Nottingham
  1035. Peter Brander, Deal 
  1036. Ruth Chidlow, Chester
  1037. Helen John, Swansea 
  1038. Colin Barber, Carnforth, Lancashire
  1039. Patricia Howarth, Plymouth
  1040. Katie Eleri Pritchard, Leighton Buzzard
  1041. Gary McGuinness, Cuzion
  1042. Cair Ni Caidlag, City of Edinburgh
  1043. Kimberley Thomas, Tewkesbury
  1044. Nina Manners, London
  1045. Mrs PMF Bosworth, York 
  1046. Fiona Urquhart , Luxembourg, Labour International and LSAP member. Trade Union member
  1047. Iain Leitch, Glenrothes
  1048. Marilyn Zanconato, St Ives Cambs, Marilyn Zanconato Labour Party member
  1049. Margaret Thomas, Huddersfield
  1050. John Smith, Barnsley, Labour party
  1051. Diane Ridgley, Bury St. Edmunds
  1052. Vicky Seddon, Sheffield
  1053. John Bond, Oxford
  1054. Francesca Tessari, Welwyn Garden City
  1055. Marilyn Zanconato, St Ives Cambs, Marilyn Zanconato Labour Party member
  1056. Anita Ponari, Arezzo, Italy
  1057. Burkhard Kloss, Welwyn Garden City
  1058. Steve Chapman, Sheffield, Unite the Union, Sheffield Heeley Labour Party
  1059. Meg Spreckley, York
  1060. Martin Page, London 
  1061. Dave Garry , Wirral
  1062. Roger Horne, Harrow
  1063. Mark Langdon , Glasgow , The SANE Collective
  1064. Toby Sparks , London 
  1065. Niccolo Milanese, Paris, Director, European Alternatives
  1066. Brian Edwards, Potters Bar 
  1067. Janet Edwards, Potters Bar
  1068. Marlyn Leese, Minchinhampton
  1069. James McAteer, Keele 
  1070. Wendy Berentsen, Barnard Castle, Green Party member
  1071. Roland Rance, London 
  1072. Jayne Carle, Harrogate
  1073. Stefan Grindley, Kings Heath
  1074. Jutta Grimmer, Norfolk
  1075. David Hawksworth, Bradford
  1076. Jonathan Hodgkiss , London 
  1077. Peter Mason, Bristol
  1078. Dorian Robinson, Harrogate
  1079. Claudine Rebersat , Edinburgh
  1080. Paul Gouge, Harefield, Uxbridge 
  1081. Mark Morgan, Fareham
  1082. Irmgard Hueppe , Oxford  
  1083. Warwick Evans, Reading 
  1084. Ilona M Bryan, Dudley
  1085. Julie Hunter
  1086. Sandra carpendale, Northampton
  1087. Inbar Tamari , Walthamstow , Hackney NEU International officer (pc)
  1088. Jonathan Wickens, Nottingham
  1089. Vicki Frost, Rawtenstall
  1090. Anita Roy, Ripon
  1091. Adrian Bunting, Cahagnes, France, Retired member of NEU, Member of UK Labour Party.
  1092. Laurence Malt, Manchester
  1093. Kathryn Fox, Wells, Somerset
  1094. Andy Wilson, Rottingdean
  1095. Camilla Ween, London, Urbanist
  1096. Martin Balodis, London
  1097. David Taylor-Gooby, Durham, Labour Party Member
  1098. Maureen Taylor-Gooby, Durham, Labour Party member
  1099. Alison Kincgy, Nottingham 
  1100. Jane Thompson, Brockenhurst
  1101. Heather Grinter, Bradford
  1102. Stephen Ian Hawkins, Edinburgh
  1103. Jo Rose, Sheffield
  1104. Yvonne Forsey, Wiltshire
  1105. Jannet Mathers, London 
  1106. David Wain, Hayes, Middlesex 
  1107. Eleonore Kofman, London
  1108. Rob Gardiner, St Neots 
  1109. Andy Turner, Derby, Labour Party, ASLEF
  1110. Lynda Cook, London
  1111. Simon Hebditch, London
  1112. Jessica Norton-Hill, East Sussex
  1113. Paul Gilbert, Cheltenham
  1114. Eilidh Hodge, Stonehaven 
  1115. Yvonne Littlejohns, Rushden 
  1116. Paco Rivera, Newcastle Upon Tyne 
  1117. Rosalind Borley, London
  1118. Nora O’Hara, Pickering
  1119. John Percival, Perigeux 
  1120. Lesley Pavincich, London
  1121. Colin Huggett, Sale, Member of the Labour Party
  1122. Hilary Muray, Highlands
  1123. John Pickering
  1124. Lesley Barker, Villechien 
  1125. Chris Marks, London, PCS Union, National Executive Committee
  1126. Steve O-Neal, Devizes, Wiltshire , Secretary Wiltshire Palestine Solidarity Campaign 
  1127. Grietje Baars, London, UK, UCU, London Region and City Execs
  1128. Paul Homer , Eymoutiers France
  1129. Roger Pitman, Pentyrch
  1130. Lisa Kerr, Plymouth
  1131. Magda, London, Activist, FARSA – Feminist Society in Action
  1132. Neil Scott, Glasgow , Producer at 
  1133. Jane Prentice, Kettering, Jane Prentice
  1134. Sylwia Grzybek , London , Feminist activist 
  1135. Jean Campbell-Leith, Ruthin
  1136. Heidi Holland, Brentwood
  1137. Peter Harrison, Leeds, CWU member
  1138. Dave Lukes, LONDON, Fixer-Maintainer
  1139. Lesley Daly, London, Retired
  1140. Dave Windett, Preston
  1141. Tarquin Grossman, Lewes
  1142. L Parry, Herts 
  1143. Emanuel Ferreira, London
  1144. Michael Cox, Harlow
  1145. Sharmayne Seepersad , London
  1146. Carol Milner, Coventry, PCS (ARMS member)
  1147. Dee Reynolds, Manchester
  1148. Timothy Mullen , Stoke-on-Trent 
  1149. Mel Holmes, Australia
  1150. John Christopher Kerr, London 
  1151. Christine Wardlow-Kaye, Peel Close, Heslington, York, Christine Wardlow-Kaye
  1152. Michael Rooney, Warwick
  1153. Anne Keeley, South London
  1154. Matthias Kispert, London
  1155. Dr Lynne Tammi, Montrose, Human Rights and Equalities Advocate
  1156. Craig Foster, Stafford
  1157. Elizabeth Slater, Dunfermline
  1158. Simon Orr, Reading
  1159. Angela Royston , London 
  1160. Veronika Coufalová, London, Student & Dance artist 
  1161. Mark Meekosha, Leicester 
  1162. Maria, Edinburgh
  1163. Mark Cronin, London
  1164. John Glaves-Smith, Stoke-on-Trent, Writer
  1165. Roy Collins, London
  1166. Alison Bomber, Waltham Cross 
  1167. Patrick Orum, Bristol 
  1168. Graham Martin, York 
  1169. Philip Atkinson, Manchester 
  1170. Clive Bridgeman , Gibraltar  
  1171. Brian Sadler, Wantage, Liberal Democrat
  1172. Keith Best, Leeds
  1173. Ailie Rutherford, Artistic Director of Feminist Exchange Network & The People’s Bank of Govanhill 
  1174. Peter Lovett, Worthing
  1175. Isabel Newlands, Renfrew
  1176. Martin O’Hara, North Yorkshire
  1177. Sandra Roberts, London, Labour Party
  1178. Noel Hamel, New Malden, 
  1179. Paul Chilton, Hampton
  1180. Christopher Walker-Lyne, York
  1181. John Bryn Jones, Trelawnyd, Chair of Unite RM North West Wales
  1182. Faith Kenrick, Lancaster, Artist
  1183. David Fallon, Newcastle
  1184. Denis Watterson, Otley, West Yorkshire
  1185. Carole Wray, Cumbria, England
  1186. Bill Kaye, Leamington Spa
  1187. Kath Chandler , Cramlington,  Northumberland , Labour Party member
  1188. W Linham, Bath
  1189. Christine Ogden, London
  1190. Ralph Stimpson, Taunton 
  1191. Jane e Hale, Haslemere
  1192. Sharon Rosen, Measham
  1193. Greg Shreeve, London
  1194. Haulwen Tuck, Pencoed
  1195. Richard Burdett, London 
  1196. John Cunningham, Adlington, UCU (retired)
  1197. Nicky Whitehead, West Midlands, Member of the Labour Party 
  1198. John Howard , Hornchurch 
  1199. Charlie Casey , Plymouth
  1200. Judith Hible, Corsham
  1201. Stephen Broadhead, Liberal Democrat
  1202. Andrew Dimoglou, Colchester
  1203. Beverley Sinton , Leuven
  1204. Andy Richards, Hove, Hove CLP EC member, Branch Chair, Brighton and Hove Unison
  1205. Al Norman, Crediton
  1206. Yuliya Yurchenko , London, Ukraine Solidarity Campaign, Vice-Chair of the Critical Political Economy Research Network (ESA)
  1207. Peter Walker, London
  1208. Nicola Bindon, Bristol
  1209. Andy Richards, Hove, Hove CLP EC member, Branch Chair, Brighton and Hove Unison
  1210. John Middleton, Liverpool 
  1211. Dawn Judd, Preston 
  1212. John Boarder
  1213. Tom Millar, Hove
  1214. Alison King, Nottingham 
  1215. Anne Stubbs, Bolton
  1216. Martin Palmer, Orpington 
  1217. Stephan Natynczuk, Worcestershire 
  1218. Clare Lund, Hampshire
  1219. David DePoe , Toronto, Canada , Elementary Teachers of Ontario 
  1220. Andrew Loftus , Chesterfield 
  1221. Terry Bennett, London
  1222. Nigel Hicks, Milton Keynes
  1223. Sue Baxter, Wirral, Labour Party member
  1224. Kate Newton, Bristol

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