The EU Withdrawal Bill: backed by Henry VIII, opposed by democrats

The Bill is a fundamental threat to our democracy, and part of a sinister agenda to undermine our rights - including the "Henry VIII" powers it contains.

The EU Withdrawal Bill was fully debated by the first time by MPs today. As we have warned, the Bill is a fundamental threat to our democracy, and will give the government powers, unprecedented in recent  history, to make laws and abolish rights without a vote in parliament. This is part of a wider agenda: many Conservatives want to use Brexit to erode rights, strengthen the power of big business and push the UK into a race to the bottom.

Many of these powers are called “Henry VIII powers”. So today we were outside parliament, with Henry VIII, to raise the alarm.

Photo by Jess Hurd –

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Our most precious rights and freedoms are under threat from the EU Withdrawal Bill – in particular in the areas of workers’ rights, human rights, the environment, consumer rights and financial regulation. Read our full briefing note here.

Another Europe is urging MPs to vote against the Bill and to propose a series of amendments to make sure that the government is not handed unprecedented unaccountable power (you can see our guide to them here).

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7th September 2017