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Part Two of The Forgotten Troubles – A Documentary On Northern Ireland

Zoe Williams and Luke Cooper explore the contemporary politics of Northern Ireland

The Forgotten Troubles? A Two Part Documentary on Northern Ireland

Hosts Zoe Williams and Luke Cooper went to Northern Ireland to understand how its troubled history shapes the present day. In this two part documentary they explain what they learnt

Episode 40

Real Democracy Now

with Hilary Wainwright and Mary Kaldor

Episode 39

The empire strikes back or a new hope?

with Kojo Koram and Ana Oppenheim

Episode 38

Oliver Bullough on Fighting Corruption

Saving Europe From Itself

Episode 37

Priyamvada Gopal on a Decolonised Europe

Saving Europe From Itself

Episode 36

Europe’s democracy crisis – where next for our troubled continent?

With Niccolo Milanese and Ruth Wodak

Episode 35

Building alliances to transform Europe – an international dialogue

With Kevin Kühnert, Ana Gomes, Katja Kipping and Clive Lewis.

Episode 34

A rule of law crisis in Britain

with Jolyon Maugham QC

Episode 33

Britain in crisis – what happens next?

With James Meadway and Lloyd Russell Moyle

Episode 32

The Day He Shut Down Parliament

Special report

Episode 31

Shaista Aziz on Intersectional Feminism – Saving Europe From Itself

Shaista Aziz argues that Europe needs to get serious about intersectional feminism